what we can do

Product Development

Platform product collection,Single product development ,whole process management,Sampling management

commodity management

Support one-click synchronization of store platform SKU,Support inventory SKU as a unique code management

order management

Real-time synchronization of orders, support for automatic order capture,Batch review of orders, intelligent interception of abnormal orders

Purchasing Management

Support adding purchase plans, automatically generate purchase orders,Intelligent procurement and replenishment logic

warehouse management

Cross-platform multi-store inventory real-time update,Support weighing, inspection, external smart devices

FBA management

FBA commodity management,Intelligent out-of-stock calculation,The whole process of FBA allocation,Overseas transit warehouse management

Customer Service

Support the pulling and sending of messages & emails on multiple mainstream platforms,Support cancellation of orders, returns, and other after-sales services

report management

Real-time monitoring of store operating data,Intelligent screening of high-quality best-selling products with the help of data statistics